Court access is free to club members however as the courts are owned by the council there is a sharing arrangement with public pay and play non-members.

The official route for members to gain access outside of club nights or coaching slots is to book your court for free via the council up to two weeks in advance.  The council will then provide you with the court access code for the side gate combination lock.  In practise, this is not always necessary and where playing is often a spur of the moment decision, members can purchase a key.

A club key can be purchased for £20 but this is in effect a deposit and this money will be returned on receipt of the key.  For reasons of adequate control, a club key can only be purchased by a current senior member so if a family with juniors wishes to have the convenience of a key at least one members of the family should join as a full Senior member.   There are occasional exceptions to this rule but this normally comes via a specific recommendation to the committee from the club coach for instance from maybe a very keen responsible junior.

Please be aware that in the unlikely event that all courts are being used and a member of the public is playing on a court that has been officially booked through the council then the official council booking must take priority.

Council Bookings for club members can be made via telephone on 01953 603302.  You will be asked for your name and for confirmation of your membership number in order to make a booking. Council offices are open Monday-Friday 09:30 to 16:00.

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